General Meeting
June, 2000

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting
June 7, 2001

Sam Sadler, standing in for President Eamon Molloy, called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm.  The agenda was approved with additions.  The minutes of the last meeting were approved.  

Henry Sessions passed around examples of scrip, and showed the sign caps the sale of scrip will help finance.  Hillsdale businesses will pledge money and we will sell scrip for that amount, which a customer can spend at that business.  $1,500 of the $2,500 needed is already pledged, and not all businesses have been contacted yet.  Volunteers are needed to sell scrip in front of Natures, 10 - 5, on July 1.  Sign caps will be at the intersections in the areas bounded by Dosch, Sunset, Terwilliger, and Bertha.  

Shirlie Karl reminded us that the Police Internal Investigation Auditing Committee meets tomorrow night at the Multnomah Arts Center at 6:30.  An announcement of the meeting inadvertently was left out of both The Connection and the Multnomah Village Voice, so it is important that everyone tell as many people as possible and invite them to attend. PIIAC reviews complaints against the police; one of the two complaints this time is from the Southwest.  This will be the only PIIAC meeting in Southwest this year.  

Shirlie also reported that on June 4 our new police chief outlined some of his plans for improving the Police Bureau.  He wants to require 4 years of college for officers, instead of two.  He wants a master police officer (MPO) to be the senior neighborhood officer (SNO) to coordinate block captains in each area of the city.  At the moment Southwest is 65 officers short of what is planned.  To see the new chiefís values and goals for the Police Bureau check the web at ppd.com.  

Scott Martin, our NLO, likes the new SNO concept.  He reported that our neighborhood has been relatively quiet lately.  He answered questions about specific things: a cat burglary on Bertha, racial profiling, reported shots along Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway.  He reminded us that he can be reached with messages at 823-0097.

Bob Baldwin reported that the Southwest Community Plan has 3 parts: 1) Getting the goals and objectives adopted by the City Council; 2) Getting the comprehensive planning and zoning maps adopted by the City Council: and 3) SWTC.  The first two are funded.  The Planning Commission and the  Task Force have each developed policies and objectives.  The City Council is deciding which they will accept.  Most of the Task Force work has been accepted, some of the Planning Commission work has been.  It will likely be finished at the next meeting of the City Council.  

Richard Garfinkle reported from the HBPA and reminded us that the Pancake Breakfast will be June 30.  The flower baskets are up and look nice.  Plans are getting started for the Aug. 26-27 Volkswalk, sidewalk sale, etc.  Sharon Nelson asked about the potholes in the parking lot.  They are the responsibility of the owner, who is waiting until fixing them can be combined with some other work.  There has been no push from the Neighborhood, so there has been no action yet on forming a Parking Committee. Businesses donít want on-street parking, so if the Neighborhood doesnít show some effort toward getting it, it wonít happen.

The following slate of candidates for the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Board of Directors was presented from  the nominating committee by Claudia Atherton:  

President Eamon Molloy
Treasurer Peter Haney
Position #9 Mary Jane Hewitt
Returning board members are: Diane Calhoune, Cookie Johnson, and Richard Garfinkle.  

Nominations from the floor were:

Position #8 Lisa Castro
Position #11 Keturah Pennington 
The entire slate was elected by acclamation.  

Jay Mower is organizing weekly watering of the new trees along the path on the Rieke School grounds.  He needs several more volunteers.  

Meeting adjourned at 8:15.  

Keturah Pennington, temporary secretary

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