General Meeting
May, 2004

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting
June 2, 2004

1.  Meeting convened at 7:05 pm, Duane Hunting presiding.

2.  Attendance: 13, including SWHRL pres. Pamela Settlegoode, and husband Bill Goode.

3.  Agenda approved by acclamation.

4.  Minutes of May 14 approved by acclamation.

5.  Motion to approve HBPA’s use of SWNI’s offices non-tax status ID number to host annual Pancake Customer Appreciation Breakfast, seconded, approved unanimously. Letter will be sent to Sylvia Bogert of SWNI, so advising.

6.  Parking at Barbur Shops:  Wes Risher reported on a neighborhood meeting which elicited an interest by ABoy to work with Barbur Shops on joint staff parking arrangements. Two hour parking limit signs have been posted at Barbur Shops and the owners are taking the position that only Barbur Shop customers may park in their lot. Security guards are enforcing these parking time limits.  There is also an issue of Barbur Shop employees parking on adjacent neighborhood streets.  Wes announced that a traffic study is underway for the entire area to ascertain the extent of the whole problem. He is leading the inquiry for HNA and the immediate neighbors of SW 7th Avenue and SW Chestnut Street.

7  .Development of the Bertha Triangle:  Duane submitted an approval letter from HNA to the developers.  Rick Seifert suggested we resist the automatic attachment of the name “Bertha Station” to the project, reminding us that it is also the headwaters of Stephens and Fanno Creeks. We need a creative name for the project. HNA agreed to wait until after the developers have received funding approval, prior to looking at project naming options [maybe through a naming contest for the neighborhood – to be confirmed with the developers].

8.  Rob Flecker was designated “convener” of the Hillsdale Park dog off-leash committee. He will arrange a meeting time and place in July for an organizational meeting of those interested in working of the committee. Details will be published in the SWNI newsletter as well as the Connection [information on the meeting time and place needs to be sent into the papers by Friday 6/11/04 to meet the paper’s publication dates].

9.  Wes Risher will start a transportation punch list and submit it to Don Baack for possible inclusion on the HNA website. This will remind us [and city agencies] what remains to be done on various local improvement projects.

10.  Hillsdale signage:  Four Hillsdale Town Center signs have been installed. A fifth, a replacement for the wooden sign at the Hillsdale Forestation Project location [corner of SW Vermont and Bertha], is being considered. HBPA is seeking design ideas for that sign, as well as contemplated improving/updating/replacing directional signs within the Town Center’s business properties.

11.  Floral baskets, sponsored by HBPA, are being installed June 2, 2004 for the summer. The expense is $5500 for the summer season, borne by HBPA, and contributions. A table will be set up at the Farmer’s Market inviting contributions. Planters along the internal south side parking lot fence are being urged on John Braidwood, manager of the property for the owners. A number of the attendees suggested that they would like to see the floral baskets extended in a wider ring around the Hillsdale Town Center.

12.  HBPA will introduce the subject of expansion of Wild Oats Grocery Store with the owner and advise HNA how we may assist in encouraging them to do so. Wes Risher remaindered the group of the desire to develop a two story store that would free up the current loading dock area to allow for the continuation of the “mid-block crossing” pedestrian connection, southward into the school property and on into the neighborhood residential area, via the existing paths and previously planted tree rows.

13.  It is believed that Fred Meyer Burlingame wishes to remove Burger King and expand its store into their lower and upper parking structure.  John Gould will draft a letter to Fred Meyer management inviting them to brief us. Duane Hunting will review and place on HNA letter head to send out, inviting a management spokes person to attend one of our upcoming meetings to explain their expansion plans to the neighborhood.

14.  Trail Improvement.  It was moved, seconded, and approved that HNA cooperate with SW Trails and SWHRL to improve the trail from SW Chesapeake to the city-built stairs from SW Fairmount Blvd.

15.  SW Nevada Court.  It was moved, seconded, and approved that HNA advise the hearing officer that the proposed pedestrian/bike path on SW Nevada Court. be blocked at both ends with bollards, to deny any other vehicular access.   Duane Hunting will draft the letter.

16.  Land Use Process. It was agreed that the Board will undertake the responsibility of setting up an HNA review process that is swift, fair, and timely for dealing with the notices sent to HNA by the city’s Bureau of Planning.

17.  Announcements: The pancake breakfast is July 25, 2004.

  • July 11, 2004 is the 10th anniversary of  the  Southwest Connection publication.
  • The Rieke book sale is June 6, 2004, not the 12th.
  • Janet Christ, of the Oregonian, reporter for SW news, has retired with no replacement.
  • Wilson High Drama department is eliciting community support for its endeavors. Their activity was encouraged.
The meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm

Respectfully submitted,
John Gould.

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