General Meeting
July, 2003

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting
July,  2003

July 2, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 7:00.  After approval of the agenda, the June minutes were reviewed.  Brigid F. summarized the changes as follows: The blank on the second page of the minutes should be removed and the name "Brigid Flanigan" should be inserted (re the motion to send a letter to BES).  Duane Hunting (not Brigid) seconded the motion.

Duane made a motion to approve these changes to the July 3rd minutes.  Katura seconded the motion and all approved.  Issues reviewed at the meeting are as follows: 1.Don Porth of the Portland Fire Bureau provided an update on fire safety and proper handling of fireworks.

2. David Herman reviewed a concept plan for a land subdivision near the towers at Council Crest. Address is 4504 SW Carl Place.  Proposal is for 8 lots. The proposal does not include any vacation of existing easements along SW Bernard and SW Carl Place.  Don requested that the developer consider a dedicated pedestrian access way to be included in the plan presented to the City. Neighbors present at the meeting stated that both Bernard and Carl are substandard streets and that construction activity would negatively impact the condition of these streets.  Neighbors are also concerned about tree preservation.

No action taken, as plan is conceptual and nothing has been presented to the City.

3. Don reported on status of SW Caldew subdivision.  City has agreed to recind their approval of a substandard street condition and will respond to HNA at a later date.

4. Scott Westerman with the Portland Police Bureau Neighborhood Liaison Office reviewed most recent crime statistics. With him was Stephanie Reynolds, Crime Prevention Specialist.  Her number is 503-823-3131.

5. Development at 1815 SW Sunset Boulevard. Scott Gasso is the builder.  Wants to subdivide the lot into two lots (8,000 sf and 9,800 sf).  Will relocate driveway for existing house onto SW 18th.  Motion made by Glenn and seconded by Katura to require sidewalks along SW Sunset Boulevard and 18th and to write a letter to the City stating HNA's position.  All approve. 6. 242 SW Florida.  Proposal is to create additional lot.  Tim Hunterdale of Kenzi Homes states that a geotechnical report had been prepared. Original plan did not meet the "disturbance area requirement". Revised plan does meet the disturbance area requirement.  Mr. Hitcock (neighbor) presented her concerns regarding disturbance and the potential negative impact of development on her property if a landslide should occur.  Glen drafted a motion as follows: Move that the HNA ask the City to require the owner of the site under development to assure that sufficient engineered reinforcement of the site is installed to assure that the uphill properties are protected, and that adjacent owners (and their consultants) also be given the opportunity to review the proposed reinforcement." Keturah seconded the motion and all approved.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00.

Brigid Flannagan,

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