General Meeting
Jul, 2005

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting 
July 6, 2005


1. Convened at 7:00 pm by President, Don Baack. 

Attendance : 19

Agenda approved.

Approval of Minutes of May and June meetings deferred.

2. Committee reports: None.

3. Monthly feature: Status of Housing in the Bertha Triangle.

Sheila Fink appeared for the developer, also Bill Nelson, architect, and Craig Kelly for Housing Development Center.

We learned that the project has taken title to the triangle, and does not own the natural area north of the viaduct (PDOT or ODOT does). There will be 2 bldgs, 3 stories to the north, 4 to the south, accommodating approximately 50 seniors, separated by a central plaza, open to the public. The eco-roof has been scratched and replaced with a flat roof, with a small roof-top terrace area on each building. The central plaza is roughly 100x40. This is a concrete deck over a parking structure with 37 parking spaces, for both tenants and customers to the shops of the first floor of the north building. To allow the public to know whether the roof-tops will be seen, the developer will raise balloons to show roof level.

This is a landmark location, Nelson said, one that will be seen from all quadrants approaching Hillsdale. The audience agreed, and seemed to support the notion of a bell tower or steeple to mark the spot. The architect agreed.

It was not known whether the project is subject to design review, a status the developer promised to check and report to HNA.

Glenn Bridger also asked for water to the brought to the natural area north of the viaduct, and an estimate of how much it would cost to bring in adequate topsoil to support a landscaping scheme. They will cost out the dirt for us, to undertake as a community project. Don asked for water fountains, human and canine. 

Emergency vehicle access will be along Bertha Court.

The project goal is to do Silver LEED buildings, but may not be doable under the present budget. They are looking for funding to meet that goal.

It was moved that HNA write a letter to the State of Oregon Housing Authority, commending the developer for its continuing community involvement. This passed unanimously.

4. Action items:

  • Discussion of a proposed land division at 1669 SW Sunset Blvd was deferred due to the absence of the proponent.
  • HNA outreach. Meaghan MacKenzie.
The second, and last focus group was held. On the future of the Town Center. Again, 4 participants, and again, the need for a public bulletin board was mentioned. Next month Meaghan will report on the future of this project.
  • Jake brakes. Scot Westerman.
Noise enforcement processes have started, as of July 1. Truckers have been warned. The target area is I-5, Tigard to Marquam Bridge. 
  • SWHRL update. Aloha Wyse.
The survey is on hold, honoring a request of Jim Thayer, the new SWHRL president. A lawsuit contesting his election, as well as other new SWHRL board members, has been filed by several members of the ousted board. That suit is pending in state circuit court, on which preliminary motions of several types will be heard on July 18, to move the case along. Non-judicial resolution is also being sought by some of the parties.
  • Hillsdale Park charette is set for Saturday, July 9, 8:45 am-1 pm, in the Portland Christian Center.
  • Wilson Pool opened in mid-June. The solar heating device doesn’t work. It was moved that HNA send a letter to Dan Saltzman, the Parks Commissioner, cc to the Parks Director, commending the City for the interior design of the new pool, and expressing disappointment at the lack of the promised north entrance and plea for a north entrance in the next bond measure. We should also ask for directional signing, to be undertaken with the consultation of the neighborhood.
  • Discussion of the Good Neighbor Agreement regarding the Frisbee golf course was deferred due to the absence of the complainant and the church.
  • Stephens Creek walkway. The Raz family is fundraising for this project.
  • Hillsdale Plaza.. Don Baack.
Our grant request was denied. Shall we try to collect funds on our own, to plan? Whatever is done, Glenn reminded us to keep the heat on for a walkway between Baker & Spice and Wild Oats. The matter of how to keep the Town Plaza moving forward was referred to the Board for a proposal. 5. Walking around Hillsdale. This was referred to the Board for a proposal.

6. New business. 

    • Route 39. John, from Collins View, asked for support to turn the present little-used 39 bus route into a Lewis & Clark-Hillsdale-Multnomah connector. This was enthusiastically received, A motion was passed unanimously for HNA to contact TriMet and encourage 4 neighborhoods Colins View, So. Burlingame, Hillsdale, and Multnomah) to band together to encourage a sensible transport link via Bus 39 to connect the 4 neighborhoods.
    • School committee. Glenn Bridger wishes HNA to consider whether SWNI should create a Schools Committee. He wants support of the idea from HNA next month.
Adjourned: 9 pm.

Submitted by John Gould, Secretary.

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