So your neighborhood wants to
go online....

The big picture
Jere Retzer, Crestwood NA


  • So people can find us
  • To provide resources such as neighborhood boundaries, bylaws, etc
  • To inform the neighborhood about activities
  • To enlist more neighbors for the association
  • To provide a clearinghouse for ideas, improve communication on issues
  • Survey opinion, interests from neighborhood

Basic Concepts - Web
  • Files accessible in a device-independent (PC, Mac, Unix, including non-graphical terminals) manner on an Inter-connected web server.  Typically need:
  • -- An account
    -- A directory on the web served to put files, typically 
    -- An editor, or web page program like Netscape Composer,
        Front Page, or even Microsoft Word ('save as web page")
    -- A way to upload the files via "ftp" (file transfer protocol)
    -- May want a method to capture or create images
  • Basic capability uses Hypertext Markup Language (html)
  • More sophisticated approaches use scripts on the server like "CGI," "perl" and "java script"
  • Most sophisticated use applications and databases on the server -- be wary of proprietary solutions