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    An invitation to webmasters, program organizers, walk leaders, planners, neighborhood associations, health care professionals, our friends and neighbors, and all others who might have an interest in this site...

    ...to participate in a Web ring by:
  • Organizing links that make the sites widely useful
  • Inventing ways to easily keep the web sites updated
  • Organizing and contributing to a calendar
  • Helping coordinate diverse but potentially related activities
  • Working out ways to assist people toward healthier living
  • Sharing information
  • Correcting maps
  • ?

  • See the short presentation we made at the March 16, 2002 ONI "Neighborhood Summit" on increasing the use of the Web by Neighborhood Associations: HERE

Explore Portland! tentatively has these sections:
    1.  Links to a list of resources that include
      1. Wellness (based on a program at OHSU)
      2. Walking & Running Routes
      3. SW Urban Trails Project
      4. Accurate Maps
      5. Portland Parks
      6. Neighborhood Emergency Teams
      7. Neighborhood Watches
      8. Office of Neighborhood Involvement
      9. Southwest Neighborhoods (SWNI)
      10. Portland Zoo
      11. Portland Temperatures
      12. Volunteer Opportunities
2.  A "calendar" with several "bulletin boards"
  1. OHSU "Healthy Chats"
  2. Group Walks
  3. Trail Projects
  4. Map Correction Projects
  5. Nature Activities
  6. Neighborhood Emergency Team Activities
  7. Neighborhood Watches
  8. ONI Meetings and Activities
  9. Southwest Neighborhood Assn Activities
  10. Other Activities
The entryways into the site
The opening page of Explore! Portland links to five different web pages:
Click on:
1.  The main page with its list of links to the major areas of the site. Any place in the picture except:
2.  The general Bulletin Board page of Explore! Portland with it's set of specific bulletin boards. The ice fields at the summit of Mt Hood 
3.  The "Oddities" used on the Home page during the previous months. The "PREVIOUS ODDBALLS" link at the bottom of the "Have you noticed?" notice. 
4.  A somewhat puzzling gateway into our Knowledge for Use site...a site which uses puzzle solving to aid understanding of simple but difficult science and math concepts. The invisible diamond perched on the stone post to the left of the entry way into the circle.
It's the mysterious diamond plover egg!
5.  Explore the Physicist's Domain, X, the Unknown.  The other half of explorepdx.com The quizzical searcher for...??????????

Special features of Explore Portland! include:
Discover our parks! Portland Parks & Recreation's "Scavenger Hunt"
Portland Rose Society Gold Medal Roses Gold Medal Roses in Portland's Parks (from the Scavenger Hunt)
Environmental Education in Portland Parks Portland Parks & Recreation's "Green Walks"
A meeting of water and land, of people and city Eastbank Esplanade Pictorial Study
Convient route to the neighborhood associations Click-on-the-map index to Southwest Neighborhood Assns web sites
Routes with maps and descriptions Mittleman Jewish Community Center "J Walks"
Average highs and lows -- and record highs and lows Portland Temperatures over the year
When will it get light?  
When will it get dark Sunrise, Sunset, Dawn, and Dusk times
Walk next to a convient fence to steady yourself Assisted Walking Locations
Physical...Emotional...Cognitive...Social...Spiritual Wellness on the Web (multiple dimensions of good health)
        Demonstrations of different ways to present maps on the Web:
Southwest PortlandVery high detail maps which can be downloaded and printed
Southwest PortlandVery high detail maps which can be scrolled on a browser.
MaCleay Park (Forest Park)High-detail maps for viewing and/or printing.
Hoyt ArboretumDetailed maps of parks
Gabriel ParkSmall maps for specific areas.
Corrected Lake Oswego QuadDetailed map broken up into segments

The following was posted with the original pilot page of Explore Portland:

These Web pages are for active citizens of Portland.
And would-be active citizens.
And inactive citizens, who wonder if there isn't something better.
And curious citizens.

It's a way for those who need to know the city better, to discover...
It's, for example, for Neighborhood Emergency Teams, Neighborhood Watches, Charettes, Activists,...

We would like to link together a web ring of related Web sites. 
Some of what's here are suggestions of things that might be useful on other sites.
Please feel free to use anything you think would be useful on your site.

We include bulletin boards of a few upcoming events.
There are many such events—too many for a limited site as is this one.
What events should be posted on the Web as well as in, say, the SWNI newsletter?

This "Explore" site is also a demonstation of organizing web pages 
about a concept of good health and satisfying living.
It links to many of the public-service sites in Portland, Oregon.


Created on ... July 3, 2001
Last modified: November 8, 2004

Willow Creek Nature Park