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Index Map
of corrected and augmented segments of the
Lake Oswego quadrangle

Click on the appropriate segment of the index map to download a gif file that you can then view and/or print.  Posted segments and their file-size are listed below.

These maps are for SW Portland and some of NW Portland.
...where errors abound on most comercially available maps...


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Woods Park Map
Forest Park Map
Gabriel Park Map
Hoyt Arboretum Map (270 kB)
Index Map . . . Click on the map ­to download a gif-file segment (if it's available)
Not sure how to get a map onto your computer's hard drive?  Try this:

Right click on the map you want.  Look for something like, "Save image as..." and click (left click) on that.  You will probably be asked to name the file as you wish.  The name it already has goes something like this: "lo_" stands for Lake Oswego (quadrangle), a1 (or b2, etc) stands for the segment, and the "x" means the file is "extracted" from a much larger file (to make your download times more reasonable).


A1: 122kb  some notes.
A2: 129kb  Curiosities.
A3: 137kb  Curiosities.
B1: 161kb  some notes.
B2: 131kb
B3: 103kb 
Marquam: 87kb
The above maps have been updated (January 2002) and extended south to the city limits.  The pedestrian routes on these maps are color coded according to quality.  (These are larger files than in the past: download times will be a little longer.)  Map B3 has been extended to the east to the river edge.

C1: 189kb
C2:  117kb
C3: 107kb 

D1:  73kb
D2:  69kb
D3:  55kb
D4:  73kb

Keep an eye on this page.  We will, for each of the segments, post descriptions of points of interest ("Curiosities").

A composite map that combines A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, and B3 and which prints on an 8-1/2 X 11 sheet (the JPEG file is 906 kB) can be downloaded HERE (for viewing) or from HERE (for printing)

Want to see one of the other (unfinished) segments?  E-mail us and we will post it.   NOW
We have other areas mapped too, and can post some of them.

Geographical Information System

You start by entering a valid street address (or an address number), or a street intersection.

Aerial Photography
    taken 1996, 1998, 2000   (Max res = 6")
Assessor/Taxlot Information
    property assessments
     market values
     building descriptions
Crime Data* 
Zoning Maps* 
    locations of lines, connections, etc.
Storm drains
Natural Hazard -- earthquake hazard maps

*For city of Portland, only.

You get a choice of many data sets to draw from.

You have a choice of many zoom levels on the maps and photographs.

Output is viewable and/or printable.

These GIS maps are the planner's maps that often don't distinguish between constructed streets and "paper" streets, those rights of way owned by the city but not developed into real streets.  They can be confusing and not very useful for route finding.

Explore Portland!'s maps have been made to solve this problem.

This is well worth the effort to learn to use.  It's an incredibly rich resource.

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