How many slides are in Ed Benedict Park?

Three slides here.
And two slides here.
For a total of 5 beautiful, fun slides.
Is there, perhaps, a slide trombone, or some other kind of slide, around here somewhere...?

Ed Benedict ParkEd Benedict Park

Playgrounds are getting more and more interesting.  

Explore the flowing-water giant sand box, and the conservation-of-angular-momentum twirly things, at Ibach Park in Tualatin.   (Be careful with the twirlies: you can really upset your vestibular canals if you understand enough physics that you know how to do this demonstration.)

There is an enormous build-it-yourself-from-junk playground at the Berkeley (California) pier.   All of these playgrounds that turn over the decision-making to the playing children attract crowds of eager children. Go watch them. Discover!

Take a trip to OMSI...perhaps to San Francisco's Exploratium or Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry.