What is the tree that is standing in the Heritage Tree Park?

At the corner of SW Corbett and Lane

On Corbett Street, near Contemporary Crafts Gallery, a corner lot was eyed by a developer.  In the middle of that lot was an enormous oak tree.  The developer wanted domiciles.  The neighbors wanted an enormous oak tree.

Several small battles occured; a little action here, a little bigger action there...

Today the oak stands.


The history of The Corbett Oak is an example of a neighborhood getting together over a shared interest, the kind of thing Portland is famous for. Visit SWNI (Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc.) and see what the neighborhoods are doing today.

Visit ONI, Portland's Office of Neighborhood Involvement.

There are many Portland Heritage Trees in Portland: Phyllis C. Reynolds has written a book (with Elizabeth Dimon), Trees of Greater Portland (available at the Hoyt Arboretum "Tree House"). (The tree on the cover of the book is located at the end of the short cul-de-sac, SW 29th Pl, just north of SW Hamilton St.) 

On line today...

 Oregon Heritage Tree program. 

 Friends of Trees.  Useful information for anyone interested in trees—Portland based.