Name one of the benefits listed on the doormats in a community center.

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DishmanMatt Dishman Community Center
EPCCEast Portland Park Community Center 
Fulton ParkFulton Park Community Center 
HillsideHillside Community Center 
MontavillaMontavilla Community Center 
Mt. ScottMt. Scott Community Center 
OverlookOverlook House 
PeninsulaPenninsula Park Community Center 
SellwoodSellwood Community Center
SWCCSouthwest Community Center  Guidebook
St. JohnsSt. Johns Community Center
University ParkUniversity Park Community Center
WoodstockWoodstock Community Center
77 NE Knott
740 SE 106th

68 SW Miles

653 NW Culpepper Terr
NE 82nd & Glisan
SE 72nd & Harold
3839 N Melrose
700 N Portland Blvd
1436 SE Spokane
6820 SW 45th
8427 N Central
9009 N Foss
5906 SE 43rd

What kind of a map can we put here to help locate these centers?
Useful Health Sites

Johns Hopkins Sports Orthopaedic Site  Every exerciser will eventually need the info on this site.

Intellihealth  On of the best and most reliable.