First Wednesday of each month at St Barnabus Episcopal Church
2201 SW Vermont Street

for meeting of
Wed, May 3
    1. Meeting Called to Order. Welcome,
    2. Approval of Agenda, 
    3. Review of last month’s Meeting Minutes. Duane Hunting See Hillsdale web site http://explorepdx.com/hna.html and the new site at http://www.hna-pdx.com
    4. Multnomah County will present the current plans for the study of the Sellwood Bridge replacement and how that might affect traffic in our part of the city. 
    5. Schools Update - Pan SW Concerns about the course the school board is taking. 
    6. Marketing Plan for the opening of #39 route through Hillsdale- 
    7. We have a new web site, discussion of where we should go with it?  Joe Vanderveer
    8. Update on the Wilson Signage work.  Look for photos of possible signs on the new Hillsdale Web Site. 
    9. Update on Stephens Creek Walkway project. Don Baack 
    10. Update of the efforts to retain Fulton Park Community Center 
    11. Reports: 
      1. Hillsdale Plaza Charrette Progress - Meghan Mackenzie 
      2. Hillsdale Renaissance - Duane Hunting / John Gould 
      3. Wilson Pool North Entrance Design Efforts - Duane Hunting 
      4. Watershed Update - Robin Scholetzky 
      5. Other Land Use Issues 
      6. SWNI Report – Glenn Bridger 
      7. Update on Burlingame Fred Meyer Store 
      8. Wilson Students supporting Wilson/Rieke site improvements Mr Ronan
      9. Public Comments, Concerns, Announcements and Questions: 
    1. Old Business 
    2. New Business: 

    3. Adjourn.

Map showing the recommended boundary to resolve the SWHRL and Hillsdale overlap issue.  Jan 2006 SWHRL at the Top, Hillsdale below the red line

Association Meetings

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting 
January 4, 2005
Convened at 7:05 pm by Don Baack.

Agenda approved. Minutes of December meeting approved.

Hillsdale Renaissance.  Duane Hunting.
There will be a  meeting with business community on January 11.
There is apparently a 1 year lead time on Lance Johnson’s plans in the Hillsdale Triangle. Rick Seifert requested that exansion of Dewitt Park be included in Renaissance thinking.

Bertha Station.  Duane Hunting.
A naming committee will convene on Jan 26. It was suggested that someone from the business community be added to the committee.

Dan Saltzman, City Commissioner, spoke:
A recent City survey shows Hillsdalers complain of bumpy streets, sewage foul ups, and traffic flow.
The 2006 projected  general fund deficit is $4-5 million. $1 million is likely to be cut from Parks budget.
Urban development districts were mentioned as robbing the general fund of strength.  This is at least limited by a city charter provision restraining tax increment financing to no more than 15% of the total assessed value.  We are close to that limit now. 
Arnold Panitch pled for retention of the Fulton public garden. Robert Hamilton suggested a city encouraged sharing-of-private-gardens program.
 A test is underway for small community centers (“less used”) to be at least 20% self funded (by Friends groups, etc.) Glenn Bridger asked, “What is the equity equation of parks funding.”  The answer was, “We don’t turn anyone away because of income.”

SWNI.  Glenn Bridger.
The first SWNI Schools committee meeting  will be Jan 19, at the Multnomah Arts Center.

 SW Trails.  Don Baack.
There will be a trail work party  Jan 7, 9-12 am, at SW 5th and Nevada Ct.

Hillsdale Sign caps,  Rick Seifert.
All 8 defaced sign caps have been taken down and cleaned.  They will stay in storage untll the new boundary is fixed.

SWHRL. Don Baack.
About 300 surveys have been returned to date.  Processes are underway to complete boundary discussions by March.  The public meeting went well  and with general accord,  SWHRL has a “legacy” membership under consideration, for those who may wish to remain a SWHRL member while residing in another neighborhood.

New Business.
Arnold Panitch brought the safety issue  of neighborhood Hasidic jews to our attention, and their stricture on Sabbath not to do work, including punching the walk signals at crosswalks. This led to the following motion, adopted unanimously:  That HNA write Sam Adams (cc to SWNI) to request that the pedestrian signals in the Hillsdale Pedestrian District (Capitol Highway, from Sunset Blvd to Bertha Court be reprogramed to display the walk signal automatically every time the affiliated  green auto-traffic signal is displayed.”

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10.

Submitted by John Gould, Secretary.

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