Trash dumping is on the increase.
See the proposal discussed
at the March, 2002 meeting.

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The barrier to Hillsdale Shopping Center is gone.

(Sept 29, 2002)

An article by Tracy Stepp in the Oct, 02 Connection, reports that a pedestrian opening in the fence "should be completed after the Farmers' Market wraps up in October."   A petition signed by 90 people and an action by the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association apparently caught those responsible for the fence by surprise.  Pedestrian connectivity has been a constant concern in issues of developments in the Hillsdale area.
End of November:
Connectivity and Community restored!
Much appreciated.

Feburary 16, 2002  Several SOLV bags were filled here.

April 27, 2002  (Note the rampant blackberry growth.)

Trash dumping has increased greatly in the past several weeks.  This unsightly deposit, on Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway near Dosch Road, was cleared out by volunteers that met Friday morning, April 26, organized by Karen Johnson of Bridlemile Neighborhood.  Karen presented her cleanup proposal to the Hillsdale Neighborhood at the March 6, 2002 meeting.


Saturday April 24, 2004.  

This will be in conjunction with SOLV's Earth Day event called SOLV-IT.  There will be some off-road areas that will be suitable for kids so if you know any middle school or high school kids that need some community service, this will be a good opportunity.

More details to come.
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All Southwest Neighborhoods are currently concerned with the City's new Healthy Streams Program.
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