Upcoming meetings:

Hillsdale Transportation Committee, May 7, Richard Garfinkle's office (1616 SW Sunset), 7 pm: Bertha Ct construction plan.


1. Review of Bertha Court street design presented by Joanna Guzzetta of PDOT.  Issues to be discussed include the design of the turn at SW Bertha Blvd and Bertha Court, arrangement of sidewalk and bike lanes, arrangement of Bertha Blvd, landscaping options, and the anticipated pedestrian crossing(s) of Bertha Blvd.  And Budget.  This is the time to discuss details with Joanna.  She wants to hear from us and tell us what she knows about the issues.

2. Dan McNaughton will be bringing an update on his thinking on developing part of the triangle north of the Town Center Business District which fronts on SW 18th Drive.

3. Review of the proposed vacation of SW 17th.  The neighborhood took action at the last meeting, but this is to further discuss this issue.

4. Review of the proposed development on SW Terwilliger and SW Barbur (La Costa) corner including neighborhood action regarding on steet parking.

5. Update on Robert Grey Safe Routes to School Committee progress and our imput into that process.

The committee chairman is expected to return to Portland June 12.
Watch for further notices. 

SWTrails Committee, June 27, 7:00, St Luke’s Church,  6835 SW 46th  WEB SITE

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