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Monthly Meetings -- First Wednesdays
7:00 pm, St Barnabus Church, 2201SW Vermont St.
Hillsdale Community Accomplishments
Current Issues
Map (128 kB)
Neighborhood Photos
.....Hillsdale Farmers Market, 2002-2005
.....Peace walk turned Voter Registration
.....Ivy pull with Bridlemile Stream Stewards
.....Neighbor Night Out, Aug 7, 2003
.....and more
Washouga-Twombly neighborhood party Aug 11, 2002
Walk to School Day at Robert Gray October 2, 2002 
Snow Storm of January, 2004

for agenda of
May meeting,
Wed May 3, 2006
Map showing the recommended boundary to resolve
the SWHRL and Hillsdale overlap issue.  Jan 2006

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Southwest Neighborhoods Websites
Hillsdale Neighborhood Emergency Team
Hillsdale Farmer's Market opens for the season in a new location.
May 15, 2005
Colorful opening day, 2005
colorful blooms, colorful umbrellas
May 15, 2005.
Farmers Market
On Saturday, May 3, 2003, Hillsdale neighbors, with direction from Bridlemile Creek Stewards, the NO IVY League and Portland BES, conducted an ivy (and other noxious weeds) pull at the north end of Robert Gray School grounds. SEE


Hillsdale Library

a new look

Photo by Tim Holmes 

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