Each person needs to take responsibility for his or her health,
suggests Floyd E. Bloom, Chairman of Neuropharmacology at The Scripps Research Institute
in "The undiscovered Country: how understanding the brain will shape our future"
Brain Awareness Season 2004 Lecture – March 17, 2004 at OMSI
  • Be active together
  • Plan unusual outings
  • Don't let bad weather stop you
  • Invest in basic facility, equipment or gear
  • Practice the concept of nutrient density
  • Provide education and rationale
  • Advice from OHSU

    physical  -  emotional  -  cognitive  -  social  -  spiritual

    Organize walk-and-talk get togethers.
    Be open minded.

    Forest Park – Leif Erikson Dr at Alder Trail
    Look for ways to become involved in the community.
    Organize walks into the wildness in the city.

    Forest Park – BPS Road
    Plan outings that interact with nature.
     Organize walks to see the fascinating city.

    A house on a ship's mast
    Create informal learning moments.
    Organize walks into our history.

    Springwater Corridor and engine 4449 (The Freedom Train)
    Plan educational outings.
    Organize walks to explore the neighborhoods

    Thurman Street hands
    Find or create a supportive environment.
    Some of the finest running in the world:  Forest Park
    Go, buy the book . . . then go by the book.
    "Only one in five adults gets the necessary amount 

    for all  members of the family

    Intnroduce a variety of coping techniques

     of physical exercise," say Linn Goldberg and Diane L. Elliot, in The Healing Power of Exercise.

    The Stone House of Balch Creek – Forest Park

    Create informal learning moments.

    Springwater Corridor

    Plan unusual outings.

    a magnificent tree house
    Don't let bad weather stop you.

    40-mile trail just below Marquam Hill Rd


    Introduce concept of meditation.

    then explore further...
    Become a better magician!
    .Encourage problem-solving
    .cognitive health