Soda Gulch above Gregory Natural Bridge

The hike up Soda Gulch to the desert above (and to the Hole in the Rock road) is cool and shaded -- for the first several miles.  A very pleasant walk on the hottest of days.

A very few of the pools are deep enough to require swimming.   (This one didn't.) 

"The walls are always gracefully curved and finely patterned..."

"Small alcoves often contain low waterfalls, but nowhere is our progress stopped,"  There are no chockstones or jumpups that require climbing.

Soda Gulch drains enough territory that it almost always has an active stream after it has dropped into it's rock-bottomed canyon.

Soda Gulch is a deep canyon, even for Glen.  That helps make the walk up it shady and cool.  And very spectacular!

Hiking  further upstream

Lower Escalante

Middle Map

Glen Canyon