Gregory Natural Bridge
Soda Gulch

Examining the critters in the water under the bridge.  June. 1961  Our first party in Glen:
Left to right: Julie Verran (now an antiques dealer in California),  Jim, (where?)  Mel Bernstein (physicist in Bay area), John Faust (physicist), Art Knobel (mathematician)  Tim Taylor (physics demonstrations, Oregon St. U.)

Discussing the critters under the bridge. 
Joined the group: Phil Pennington (far left, currently typing this picture caption), Peter Barna (hidden behind Art Knobel, now possibly in Hungary), At far right, Cy Benton (where now?).  Picture taken by Henri Benoit (French physicist).  More of this group's interesting June, 1961 adventures, HERE.

Looking downstream  from under the bridge

View from directly below.

Looking upstream from under the bridge

Looking upstream from just above the bridge

Hiking upstream from Gregory Bridge

Middle Map

Glen Canyon