The gauging station access route
from the hole in the rock road near the airstrip

June, 1961  A swirl hole above the gauging station (This might still exist.)
John Faust, Chris Suzeck & Cy Benton

Sept, 1962  The gauging station route seen from  a bank above the Escalante River.  It's that ledge near the left edge of the photo, and we are looking directly up the route.  See the photo below.

On the route from the Hole in the Rock road to the gauging station.  This is one of the few places a walker can get down the cliffs into the Escalante Canyon.  There was a skeleton of a horse just below those walkers higher up.  From the bottom of this rock ledge trail it's a short walk down the sand and slickrock to the Escalante River and the gauging station.
 Left to right: Art Knobel, Jim ?, Henri Benoit & John Faust

Escalante Canyon near the gauging station.

Lower Escalante RIver

Clear Creek
(Cathedral in the Desert)
Davis Gulch
Soda Gulch
(Gregory Natural Bridge)
Hole in the Rock
(Continuing down the Colorado)

Middle Map

Glen Canyon