Escalante River
mile 88.2

Mile 88.2.  Confluence of the Escalante River with the Colorado River

Pictographs at the mouth of the Escalante.

Pictograph at the mouth of the Escalante.

The canyon of the Escalante is as deep as the canyon of the Colorado but much narrower.

The Escalante has many very fine features: Cathedral in the Desert in Clear Creek; accessibility to the Hole in the Rock road at the gauging station; two natural arches and extensive Anasazi things in Davis Gulch; Gregory Natural Bridge and a spectacular canyon in Soda Gulch (Fiftymile); Skyline Arch and Coyote Gulch plus many more natural bridges and arches and numerous Anasazi sites.

The reservoir is sparing much in the upper reaches of the Escalante.  Much of the remaining spirit of Glen Canyon will be found here.  But this is only a wispy ghost of what was.

Explore the Escalante

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