Music Temple
mile 75.9

Music Temple landing was right across from Hidden Passage.  In the spring, when the river was swift, the rafters had to take their rafts far upstream at the Hidden Passage landing, and then row as hard as they could or they would miss Music temple.  (Kayaks had no problems.)

Musicians gave frequent concerts here right up to the end. 

That's "C Powell," John Wesley's brother.

Bishop and Dellenbaugh signed the wall, too.  Fortunately, most of the Pre-Lake Powell visitors respected the history and refrained from adding their names.

An aerial photo of what lies downstream from Music Temple Canyon (which is the canyon in the extreme lower right of photo.).  The next canyon, a left-bank canyon, is Mystery Canyon: it extends across most of the central part of the picture.  On the right bank a little below Mystery is Twilight Canyon: it parallels that high wall on the right bank (the "Eye & Needle" wall), staying quite close to the river.  Across from Twilight is the Oak Creek - Wishbone Canyon set of canyons -- that includes the wide meadow that dominates that part of the picture.

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