The Inner Canyon
Spectacular.  Beautiful.  Unique.

From the air at mile 71, over the river at the mouth of Twilight Canyon.
Wishbone Canyon is in the lower left, just before it comes it's closest to the top of the wall overlooking the Colorado.  The island in the right center is Firelight Island.  The Keyhole is in the right-bank canyon wall, in the shadows, just downstream from Firelight Island. 

This part of Glen Canyon was exceptionally spectacular because the immediate walls were beautifully decorated, virtually continuous, vertical sandstone. 

June 1964.    Twilight Canyon in foreground.  The ridge just the other side of the river-path is the ridge above Firelight Island seen in the picture above.  The shell-shaped rock that looks down on the entrance of Cathedral Canyon is just to the left of the river-path a few miles downstream. 

A full reservoir puts almost all of the spectacular canyon under water.  It does give slightly easier access to the upper parts of some of the spectacular side canyons -- but the cost of that slight convenience is the loss of virtually all of Glen Canyon -- including both the river canyon and the lower parts of the side canyons where the gigantic stream alcoves were.



June, 1964:  Hidden Passage, stereoscopically.
(For those with wide screens.)
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