Wishbone Canyon
(Katie Lee's name -- Oak Canyon is either the same canyon or one nearby)
mile 70.8 -- but see below

This canyon swings very close to the Colorado but then veers away and enters the Colorado two miles further on.  In not too many centuries the cutting action of the flash floods would have made a spectacular waterfall here.

It's very nice -- but it's not even run-of-the-mill Glen Canyon spectacular.

Wishbone Canyon is in the lower left, just before it comes it's closest to the top of the wall overlooking the Colorado.  The island in the right center is Firelight Island.  The Keyhole is in the right-bank canyon wall, in the shadows, just downstream from Firelight Island. 

This part of Glen Canyon was exceptionally spectacular because the immediate walls were beautifully decorated, virtually continuous, vertical sandstone.  Camping sites were abundant, including sheltered riverside alcoves (for example).

Mile 69.4  A beautiful, small campsite alcove (with a spring for fresh drinking water).  That's Firelight Island across the water.  The night had a full moon, and one of our party decided to float a bit in the moonlight.  He, an Italian priest, was singing Italian folk songs as he passed
the alcove.

Mile 69.2   The Keyhole Alcove

An ibis on the sand bar near the confluence of Wishbone/Oak creek(s) with the Colorado.

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