Driftwood Canyon
mile 66.5
and Klondike Bar
mile 66.0-66.3

Driftwood Canyon was named for the huge deposit of driftwood that the river currents packed into the mouth of this canyon.  What you see here is floating on a few feet of water -- an interesting challenge for the explorer in a kayak or raft.  See the entrance.

The deepest stream alcove in Glen Canyon. We needed about a half hour of dune climbing to get through it.   When we boated in after the flooding started, we realized that the overhang was about one quarter mile.

The upstream side of the big alcove.

Superbly patterned and stained

Keturah's ubiquitous 1/4-inch nylon rope with knots to grip for those with lesser climbing skills -- that was most of those in our parties.

There were a lot of fluted walls in Driftwood.

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(several yards downstream)

Middle Map
Lower Map

Glen Canyon