Cathedral Canyon
Mile 66.1

Cathedral Canyon from across the river above Klondike Bar.   But look at it in 1972 from Navajo Point

Kayaking into the entrance.

Drifting into Cathedral at Spring floodwater.  Chris Suczek (Geology Dept,  U. of Wash at Bellingham) in the yellow raft.

 Cathedral Canyon had more than its share of deep stream alcoves.  Note Chris at the bottom of the picture.  This canyon is BIG!
MORE views from here

Looking downstream to the left and upstream to the right.

Looking up.

Wetsuits in the winter.  But the high walls in a narrow canyon kept the water unfrozen even when everything was frozen outside the canyon.  (On one trip the Colorado River froze from bank to bank forcing some of our party--the ones a day or two behind us--to drag their boats across the ice in places. MORE, on a different web site.

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Glen Canyon