Catfish Canyon
Wetherill Canyon
Mile 58.7


At the mouth of Catfish Canyon, the sun dried mud separated into pads with deep cracks between them.  The tree toads, Bufo punctatus, chimneyed in and out of the cracks like human rock climbers, legs pushing on opposite sides.  At evening and morning the toads kept up a continuous, loud chorus.

Looking downstream to the left and upstream to the right.  Salvage archeology  reported that the alcove from which this photo was taken was the only site in Glen Canyon in which human remains were found.

 Looking upstream from the above alcove.

Catfish Canyon is one of the more memorable canyons because of its variety.  Open verdant canyon with high vertical walls.

 Vaulting walls and deep alcoves.

The ceiling of the above alcove

 From the air we see where the wide canyon changes character, from wide canyon to vaulting alcoves. 

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