Rock Creek
and a Navajo sheep trail
Mile 55.0

Mile 55.6  December 1962  At a camp near the mouth of Rock Creek we woke up to a freezing river.

Sept 1962  A Navajo sheep trail across the river from Rock Creek. 

Looking downstream from the top of the sheep trail.  This is the top of the four-mile fetch, the longest straight stretch of canyon in Glen.  When the wind blew stongly in its direction, hand powered rafts were at its mercy and kayaks had difficulty making headway in a head wind.  That's Gunsight Butte in the far background.

A wall in one of the small side canyons along the left bank of the four-mile fetch.  (This canyon might be Katie Lee's "Little Dungeon."  We found disagreements in the names of these canyons as we researched them.)

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