Little Dungeon Canyon
Mile 52.3

Mile 53.8 Dec. 1962  Looking downstream  along the four-mile fetch, just above Little Dungeon Canyon

Mile 52.2   Looking upstream along the four-mile fetch, just below Little Dungeon Canyon

The mouth of Little Dungeon.  (Carla Selby)

Little Dungeon doesn't have overhanging walls as Dungeon has.  (We had difficulty identifying the canyons here along the left bank of the "four-mile fetch" -- mile 51 - 55 -- with Katie Lee's list.  This is the next to last canyon before West Canyon Creek.  It may be the one Katie Lee called "Dove."  We called the last one "Dove."  Katie might have called that one, "Happy Canyon.)

Looking up from the top of the jumpup climb in Little Dungeon.

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