West Canyon Creek
Mile 50.8

Gregory Butte from the river in front of Dove Canyon.  West Canyon Creek is behind that long, thin wall.  Where it joins the Colorado, was a very large panel of petroglyphs.  While the dam construction proceeded, the tunnels carrying the water around the construction site jammed with driftwod causing the water to back up and form "the bathtub ring" we see in this, and many other,  pictures.  It also destroyed the petroglyph panel.

Dec. 1962

This picture, the second picture in our Glen Canyon slide show, was taken in West Canyon Creek.

We have many stories to tell about West Canyon Creek.  We have relatively few pictures --  and they are run-of-the-mill Glen Canyon Spectacular.  Pictures will be added, and perhaps some of the stories.

Human tracks and heron tracks

Mile 49.9 (?)   Just below West Canyon Creek, perhaps.
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