Wahweap Canyon
mile 16.6

April 1963  Sentinel Rock at the mouth of Wahweap Creek and only 1.6 miles from the dam.  The reservoir has just started to fill.  We have just started to witness an incomprehensible  tragedy -- incomprehensible to all those millions who've discovered the staggering beauty and intriguing explorations of the reservoir without any knowledge of the experience of Glen Canyon.  Now drowned.
In April of 1963, we paddled, then dragged our kayaks up Wahweap Creek.  After dragging several miles, we saw to our left a huge bank of gravel freshly bulldozed to form a hill above us.  We climbed the hill and discovered the newly constructed Wawheap marina boat launching ramp. 

So we carried our kayaks up and became the first to use the Wahweap Marina for landing boats.

From a 1950's U. S. National Park Service Report on the recreational resources of the upper Colorado River Basin:

"The potential dams and reservoirs would eliminate for the few the thrills of boating down the untamed river, and reduce the apparent depth of the river canyons.  They would be confined in the canyons of the Colorado and Green Rivers and have little, if any, effect upon the great recreational resources of the region.  Instead the reservoirs would provide a means of access for the many to see the wonders of the canyons."

I read that quote in my multimedia presentation made to show what we had found in Glen Canyon.  The presentation became very popular and got requested hundreds of times.  At about the fifth time I showed it, a gentleman came up to me afterward, waited until he could get a word in among the many questions that invariably followed the showing, and said, "You know that quote you read?"


"I wrote it," he replied.   READ MORE HERE

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