Two Mile Canyon
mile 158

June, 1962 Mile 157.8  Everyone has been through the first "rapids."  While waiting for the shuttle, we noticed that the water was moving quite fast and making a lot of noise.  The noise was water rushing around twigs dipping into the water at the shores. 

When we pushed away from the bank for the first time, we made a profound discovery: floating on a flat river, we find ourselves in calm, motionless water.  It's the banks that are moving!  We could hear the first "rapids" from quite a distance.  Then we could see a bit of white caps up ahead.  They got closer and closer, the boat began to rock a little, and in no time rocked less and less.  We looked to our rear to see the "rapids" receding.  Had we been looking at the map we might not have noticed them.

Mile 157.4  "The image of a fierce, roaring river of white water and foam is usually conjured by the mention of the Colorado River ."

Mile 158.2  A brief stop at some quicksand

Quicksand is very bouyant.  I'm holding onto a large rock, and Keturah has just stood on my shoulders to push me down enough to get a picture with just my head out,  By the time she had jumped back and snapped this picture, I had floated up to the position you see here.  It was the best we could do.


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