Glen Canyon Dam
mile 15.0

April 1963   The water rose very fast at the beginning because Glen Canyon was very narrow.  The dam was designed to flood much of the existing narrow canyon so the reservoir surface would spread out onto the flat desert above and increase the storage capacity. 

1959  Start of construction.

April 1963 

Ticaboo "Rapid" #2, Mile 149.9  June, 1962

In Glen, about the only wind problem would be in the "four-mile" fetch, when the wind was blowing parallel to it.  On the reservoir, the winds frequently blow up waves that are orders of magnitude more severe than Glen's Ticaboo Rapid #2 or Bullfrog Rapid, the most severe in Glen,

The winds are much more severe than had been expected, and the reservoir loses much more water to evaporation than had been expected, many times more. 

The power house is soon ready for generation of electrical power, a true asset of Glen Canyon dam.

But human understanding of all things scientific and technological is prone to dumbfounding  oversimplification, especially when concepts from the science of the past four centuries are key points.  Electrical power, energy, the statistics of anything, including water resource availability are all matters of common, profound misunderstanding. 

"We can, and we must, do better than this." *
* Dr. Seuss

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