Moqûi Canyon
Let us spell it correctly on this page.
mile 125.0

Looking up Moqûi Canyon from the air.

June, 1962.  At high water we could boat far up Moqûi Canyon.  Note the yellow raft.

Moqûi Canyon was a favorite habitat of the Anasazi.  Pictographs, such as these were common in this canyon.

These storage pits had lids.

Anasazi usually built their habitats in high places that involved a bit of climbing to get to.  Sometimes we set up fixed ropes to help get all of our parties in and out.

The name "Moqui" is a misspelling of "Moqûi."  The dieresis was put there in the original reports to Spain because the Native Americans pronounced the syllable "kwi"  There is no "kwi" sound in Spanish so the dieresis is needed..  A careless typesetter left it off:  Moqui. 

The name soon got shortened to "Moki" and that is the spelling and pronounciation most seen and heard today.  Unfortunately, in the native language, "moki" means dead or dung.

Unfamiliar cultures often suffer from careless oversimplifiation.  (The neighboring Navajo call themselves "Dineh.")

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