Below Halls Crossing
mile 118

Mile 118.6 Sept 62  Floating downstream just past Halls Crossing.  Floating this river is an idyllic experience.  In the upper part of Glen, the side canyons are mostly "not even run-of-the-mill Glen Canyon spectacular."     A few, like Moqui Canyon are very spectacular and very interesting because of the archeology.  Those canyons occupied a lot of the time of most of the trips that floated from Hite down to Lee's Ferry (or Crossing of the Fathers after the dam construction began).  Most of the organized trips didn't much explore those intriguing gaps in the sandstone walls.   The trip down this flat river, watching this spectacular scenery moving past you, overwhelmed the senses.  That seemed enough.  What more could there be?

Mile 118.3 Sept 62   So very little of Glen Canyon attracted the attention of the few thousand people who fell in love with it.  Moqui Canyon, Lake Canyon, Hole in the Rock, Hidden Passage, Music Temple, Rainbow Bridge, and perhaps Dungeon Canyon and one or two of the others.  What more could there be after that exquisite bunch of superp places?  What more might one do if the time were unlimited?

Ask Katie Lee.  We acquired her list of side canyons from the BurRec's PR person at the dam (Rusho) who dug it out of a dusty file cabinet and made a copy for us.  There were about a hundred: Little Dungeon, Happy, Dove, Grotto, Catfish, Corner, False Entrance, Little Arch, Lost Eden, Annie, Wilson, Forgotten, Forbidding, Dangling Rope, Ticaboo, Beaver, Twilight, Wishbone, Driftwood, Spring Pool, Corner, Cathedral, Mystery, Cottonwood, Llwellyn, Face, Labyrinth...  The list goes on and on.  And we had discovered the wonders of the Escalante river: Cathedral in the Desert, Davis Gulch, Soda Gulch, Coyote Gulch, Harris Wash, Long Canyon,...  This list, too, is long.

Mile 118.2 June 62  There's one of those intriguing gaps in the wall ahead.  What is it?

Mile 118.0   June 62  Inside, it's a major canyon not on our provisional map  (Lost Eden?).

June 62  Possibly the place we decided not to work at.  If this is Lost Eden that was a big mistake!

June 64  Past that minor pool because we kayaked into the entrance of this canyon on the reservoir.  Still, not enough time to really explore.

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