Lake Canyon - 2
mile 113.2

A site with a view.  Alcoves like this, deeply set in and surrounded by rock on three sides, are generally cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

One of the larger Anasazi structures in Lake Canyon.  Sites in Glen Canyon were respected by most of their visitors and remained largely undisturbed.  Of course, the sites were extremely numerous and visitors were rather rare. 

For several years before the reservoir, salvage archeology was carried out by the Museum of Northern Arizona and the University of Utah.

Waterfall in Lake Canyon.

This overhanging sand dune is actually part the "lake" of Lake Canyon.  It had been an natural lake until the early part of the 20th century when its natural dam broke out.  The water drained, leaving a thick layer of silt which dried out and began to erode,  The deposits seen here are that silt.

Here we have climbed out of one of Lake Canyon's side canyons.  Today, there is a well-traveled road near here -- the one to Hall's Crossing marina.

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