Patriotism: "I am part of a greater whole."

"Injustice, racism, and exploitation will always be alive, well and on a hair trigger as long as..."


Religious fundamentalism guided the trigger finger.
"Terrorism" was the tool.

It was an "Attack on America" in the eyes of the American patriot
but it was also
an attack on humanity in eyes not blinded by ethnocentrism.

Every country has its blinded patriots
who can't see terrors they would inflict on people of other countries.

Every country has its blinded fundamentalists
who can't tolerate religious beliefs that differ from their own.

The blind patriot defines
"good" as what we do,
"evil" as what they do.

"Terrorism" is inhumane action taken with simpleminded disregard
of the human rights of "others."

The Holocaust, Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Kuwait Death March, Oklahoma City, and now The World Trade Center...
all were attacks on humanity, 

in which someone selected justifications, 
and rejected human values,
to deny that truth.

The infant can't see beyond it's immediate self.
The child can't see beyond it's immediate family.
Some adults never grow to see beyond their immediate culture.

Humanity encompasses all races, cultures, religions, beliefs...

Ethnocentrism has power to destroy humanity.
A powerful nation must have decision makers who see beyond ethnocentric blindness.

...who understand the errors of the "Prove Anything Ploy."
...who see beyond the tools of the propagandist.
...who see 9-11 as an attack on humanity.

...who see the evil in the ethnocentrism 
which, in 1939, led some alarmed students of humanity
to make this declaration:

"It is essential in a democratic society that young people and adults learn how to think, learn how to make up their minds. They must learn how to think independently, and they must learn how to think together. They must come to conclusions, but at the same time they must recognize the right of other men to come to opposite conclusions.  So far as individuals are concerned, the art of democracy is the art of thinking and discussing independently together"
From The Fine Art of Propaganda
Institute for Propaganda Analysis, 1939 

We went to sleep and let those tools of propaganda go to work on us.
9-11 is a wake-up call.

How far have we proceeded; how far can we proceed...