A little assistance


This is Willow Creek Nature Park (THPRD).  The trail extends west from NW Waterhouse Av (just west of NW 158th Av) to NW 173 Av.  For its entire length, it follows the path of Willow Creek, keeping mostly just south of the creek.  It runs through heavily wooded wetlands and takes advantage of numerous opportunities for wildlife viewing and bird watching.  Wherever the path is over water it is on a wooden causeway; otherwise the path is wide, smooth asphalt.  The wooden causeway has some low railing and some high railing.  The higher wooden railing gives the unsteady walker help walking.  However, a short (20 yards) to medium (100 yards) walk from the streets to the south is needed to get to the higher railings.  The westmost, short access to the rail-assisted walking is from the cul-de-sac NW Eastmoreland Ct, just south of  Pebble Beach Wy/Mission Oaks Dr (the street changes name at Eastmoreland Ct).  The closest parking to longer stretches of high fence is the cul-de-sac, NW Winged Foot Ct.

This path is everywhere wheelchair accessible and can be reached via several points from the streets to the south.  It is one of the nicest handicapped accessible paths in the Portland area.

Access from Winged Foot Ct

Additional Assistance Walks:

West Lynn: 
SW Rosemont Rd, vicinity of Carriage Wy.
Masonry wall next to sidewalk for most of the 500 yds from Carriage Wy south to Hidden Springs Rd.  Substantial hill on southern third of this route.  Easy parking and access from end of cul-de-sac on east side of wall (accessible from streets via Carriage Wy).

NW Laidlaw Rd, south of NW West Union Rd.
Almost one half mile of NW Laidlaw Rd is fitted with a plastic fence, like that at Springville Meadows Park, on both sides of the road.  The fence is next to the sidewalk.  Both sidewalk and fence were new in Spring 2000.  About midway, at Emerald Canyon Dr, is a new park, Arbor Ridge Park, with basketball practice court, playground equipment, and a Gazebo.  Street parking at this park has excellent access to the fence-assisted walking.  Some of this sidewalk in on a slight hill; some is relatively flat. This is some of the finest fence-assisted walking in the Portland area. Click here to see more.

See Portland Memory Garden.

We will watch for similar opportunities and post them as we find them.  If you know of any, please e-mail us.