General Meeting
February, 2006

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting

February 1, 2006

1. Convened at 7:04 pm by President, Don Baack. 
Attendance :  approximately 20
Approval of previous Meeting Minutes pending.

2. Bertha Triangle Housing Development:  Sheila Greenlaw-Fink made some short opening remarks, and introduced the rest of the presentation team.  She stated that funding for the project had been received.  Robin Scholetzky explained that the naming committee had meet on January 26th, but that there were still a few things on the chosen name to check out before it could be announced to the public.  Craig Kelley explained the status of the geo-technical work, the pre-application conference held in December, and that the brown field process would be continuing.  Bill Wilson presented the design to the group which consists of 51 units, below grade parking for 37 cars, commercial space at the corner, central courtyard between the two buildings, community meeting room space, and many of the “green architectural elements such as the following:
 a. Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF).
 b. Rain Water Harvesting (sloped roofs).
 c. Tower (historical, symbolic, clock, sculptural form, location element).
 d. Possible cell phone disc on building somewhere (potential revenue).
 e. Bridges between the two buildings allow the connection to exit stairs.
 f. Siding (residential lap siding – cementitous plank).
John Gould stated that he did not like the “50s design style and wanted the project to speak to the “Swiss heritage” of the area with the tower “steeple” shape.  He also wanted a hose bibb tap at the north end of the project.  Don Baack comments centered around keeping the courtyard level, space under bridges at 9’-0” and a potential means to gain a walkable access across Bertha Blvd.  Wes Risher liked the sloped roofs and there intent to capture rain water.  He also brought up the idea of clarion bell (programmable) in the tower.

3. Metro’s Proposed Park Priorities – Don Baack explained the meeting on Friday and the focus on Hillsdale to lake Oswego Trail with bridge at Stephan’s creek.  He also discussed the land acquisition at Hillsdale Park.

4. SWHRL – Hillsdale Boundary Proposal – Don Baack, Aloha Wyse, and bill Joseph explained that the boundary solution in the recent e-mail was out for comment, which must be in by February 24th, 2006. Aloha went on to describe more detail of the process and the methods to review the comments received.

5. HNA Bylaws – Bill Joseph gave a brief overview of the changes being made to the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Bylaws to better match the City requirements from ONI.  Copies will be available very soon.

6. Reports:
 a. Wilson pool north entrance design efforts – Duane Hunting explained the process to consider alternate design approaches of the recent Parks Bureau’s design to better address the concerns raised by one of the financial supporters.
 b. Wes Risher is scheduling a potluck with Gil Kelley and Robert Liberty to review on going planning and land use issues in the neighborhood.
 c. Hillsdale Plaza – no report this month until Meghan MacKenzie returns from family emergency.

Adjourned: 9:10 pm
Duane hunting, Vice President

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