14  Renee steps, looking up from Raleighview Dr.

Renee steps from top.

23  Admiral Ct path looking east from SW 45th

26  Dead end of SW 74th, south of Barbara.
       Continuation of 74th visible in distance.

27  Looking north from Spruce at SW 77th.

28  Look west onto Vacuna from SW 37th.
      The path starts at the hedge at the end of the street.

29  The break in SW 27th.
       The street past the barricade is accessed from Lancaster.

30  Gravel extension of Mary Failing Rd to Terwilliger.

31  Gate to Oswego Hill Rd at north end of Tryon Hill Rd.

No Solicitors . . . Leash and Scoop.

33  Stop sign from Hamilton Ct at Scholls Ferry Rd.

37  Break in SW 48th between Flower and Iowa.

40  Looking south from Vermont onto Terri Ct path.

46  Walking Woods Drive street sign.

47  Alleyway in back labelled "Condolea Dr" on map

Actual Condolea Dr where that alleyway intersects it.

48  The gate on Abelard.  It leads into the RV storage area.

49  End of Peters --  just north of Vermeer.

51    Looking south from Radcliffe onto Daphne.

52  Looking east onto Maus from Moapa.

Looking north along Tryon toward Maus.

54  Pedestrian route into PCC at SW 53rd.