Eastbank Esplanade
opened May 25, 2001


      Stack Stalk

Ash Street
Easy access, wide enough for walkers, runners, bicyclists. 

Public art, historical plaques, historical remnants. 

Floating walkway, floating public docks, cantelevered walks. 

Echo Gate

Alluvial Wall
The longest floating walkway in the U.S.

Seating walls, benches, overlooks and small plaza areas offer places to stop, relax, and enjoy.



Alluvial . . . Stalk


Ghost Ship

Earl Blumenaur       Charlie Hales                    Dan Saltzman        Vera Katz                Jim Francisconi      Barbara Walker
and others, at dedication ceremony of Eastside Esplanade, May 25, 2001


It's an urban park where water meets land. 

Shipping, commerce, pleasure boats, railroad, rapid transit, 


  we must thank
Portland Parks
& Recreation
for this outstanding waterfront

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