Seven poison fruits of
" 'news' becomes just another product sold by big media companies, it become more of a commodity, more entertainment-based, and dumbed-down."
James Fallows, The New York Review of Books,
November 16, 2000, pp 28-31
Sometimes we see somebody doing something we know is wrong.  Perhaps it's something they're doing with one of their new high-tech toys--like their VCR which they obviously don't know how to program or how to set it's clock. (It's been flashing "12:00" ever since they bought it three months ago.)   Perhaps it's one of those mind-twister puzzles, and they haven't yet discovered the answer (and we have).  If you teach science you see your students making mistake after mistake because they simply haven't yet seen those simple but subtle principles that are the basis of the science of the past several centuries.

But perhaps it's something more serious.  Like a Secretary of Defense who declares, "We have to kill as many of them as we can because they don't respect human life."

These are not things that are "merely personal opinion" in a universe of ideas all of which are equally valid.  They are not things driven by wishful thinking: indeed we may wish that what we see were not so.  They are messages from Mother Nature, 

"She who must be obeyed."

The old girl has set some traps.  We see that somebody is ignoring too much of what they must not ignore...they are oversimplifying.  They are falling into the traps . . . the traps could be fatal.

"And Nature is full of traps for the beast that cannot learn."

Who's definition is this?
Dumb-down definition

Poison fruit

 Your definition?
Wise-up wisdom

Intelligence: Information
Intelligence: Information processing skills:  tensor-like
Parameter: perimeter
Parameter: Mathematically defined variable or constant
Rank: Position on a line
Rank: Position in a multidimension space
Justice: Retribution and revenge
Justice: Mutually reciprocal fariness
Human rights: My rights
Human rights: Everybody's rights
Terrorism: An attack on America
Terrorism: An attack on humanity

How can we recognize the auras emanated
people who have succombed to this terrible
social disease