SW Trails Group
Woods Park Trail Construction

SWTrails volunteer installs screws to deck to one of six wooden walkways in Woods Park


A new 1420 foot trail in just 15 days! (plus 2.8 years of process)

SWTrails, a volunteer pedestrian advocate group of Portland's SW Neighborhoods Coalition, completed 1420 feet of pedestrian trail and six wooden walkways in Woods Park just 15 days after getting the go  ahead.  The building of the trail came after 2 1/2 years of planning, permitting and huge amounts of infamous City of Portland red tape.  Construction took just 135 person hours for the volunteers, many of whom were veteran trail builders with years of experience, to complete the effort. The SWTrails volunteers were assisted by the Friends of Woods Park, and given great support by Fred Nilsen of the Portland Parks Department.

The trail in Woods Park is the 14th major project completed by the SWTrails volunteers since 2001 and completes another link in the 40 miles of SW Urban Trails being developed and signed by SWTrails.  The Urban Trail network connects major activity centers, parks and schools.  It utilizes streets that are little used, trails through unbuilt rights of way, parks and school properties.  The goal is to develop a pedestrian network where people want to walk for commuting,   recreation and pleasure.

The Woods Park trail is part of Trail 7 across SW Portland connecting the Oregon Zoo with Kerr Parkway in Lake Oswego, about 12 miles.  Marking this trail with way finding signs is planned for early next year.

The SWTrails volunteers are already starting another trail in Dickinson Park, a component of east-west Urban Trail 5.   We will keep you posted on the progress.