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We need to develop good concepts of logical imperative.
"Buzz-saw certainty"

Here we want to point out that science and math are creatures of deeper levels of abstraction than we usually delve into.  "Deeper level of abstraction" means simply patterns of patterns of patterns of...   And we must emphasize that everybody--everybody of all ages--can grasp deeper concepts than they usually thinking in ways that have just begun to be used in formal education.  (Points made by Keith Devlin in his book, The Math Gene, and by the Physics Education Group at Univ of Wash..)

up or down?
One of the starkest examples of "simple but difficult,"  Study it.
We want to demonstrate that these are very simple concepts: "simple but subtle," is a description of physics often used by physicists.  Human intellect is a product of human evolutionary development, and people differ somewhat in what gets developed.  The mathematical side of science requires kinds of study that go beyond simple learning (rote and regurgitate).  Successful study results in abilities to see patterns in the world around us that we can use to make things happen the way we want.  Those patterns are knowledge of a "different" kind, a kind that "Once you see it, you can never again not see it." It's important to get a sense of what this means.
When the red-sensitive cone doesn't develop on our retinas, the difference between orange and green isn't seen.