General Meeting
December, 2005

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting 
December 7, 2005

1. Convened at 7:07 pm by President, Don Baack. 
Attendance :  approximately 22
November meeting minutes approved.

2. Transportation Discussion with Sam Adams:  Bill Joseph introduced Sam Adams who then presented a brief overview of the following issues of concern to both the City of Portland and the neighborhood;
        a. Sidewalks – this is of major concern to the neighborhood, and over time with new development, sidewalks are being installed. However, there are still too many places on our major street were sidewalks (concrete or otherwise) are not present.
         b. Traffic Speed – there are too many major multi-lane commuter roads that do not have center medians with dirt and trees (pervious areas to absorb rain water) to help slow down traffic speed within the town center and adjacent areas.
         c. Safe Streets (to school and otherwise) – the neighborhood needs to set priorities and begin at the top of the list with the most important streets for needed improvements.
         d. “HALO” LID Concept – as with the needs identified above, the property owners adjacent to the unimproved street/sidewalk areas would be assessed to pay for the improvements required. Sam explained his “HALO” concept which would include the owners of properties on the adjacent streets directly behind the unimproved street/sidewalk areas to help pay a portion of the needed improvements, thus expanding the financial resource cap.
         Sam explained that with a 17% cut in the Gas Tax Revenue (GTR) for the City of Portland there is a shortage of about $18 million dollars for transportation improvements. He stated that he wants to strongly look at the following – “green streets”, “options” for PDOT & private contractors to share the work, “close-off unused roads”, and “gravel some unimproved roads” to start the improvement/maintenance cycle.
          The timing for start of the above major street improvement concept would be late spring or early summer 2006. Sam felt (along with those at meeting) that picking one good section along Capitol Highway (about half-million dollars) would be a very noticeable good start.

3. Reports:
         a. Tri-Met Bus Route #39 – John Miller reviewed the proposed new route for the bus line #39 to include an extension into the Hillsdale Town Center area. There still needs to be some additional discussion with Lewis & Clark College and the neighborhoods. Start of new route is currently scheduled to start in September 2006.
         b. Wilson pool north entrance design efforts – Duane hunting explained that two design firms were being considered to provide an initial review of the recent Parks Bureau’s design to better address the concerns raised by one of the financial supporters.
         c. Jake brake meeting of 11/15/05 – Don explained that the State truckers lobbyist group did not believe that there was a problem. Scott Westerman is still working on the issue.
         d. Hillsdale Park Amendment – Based on approval of amendment concept presented, Don will write a letter to the City reminding them of their policy to emphasize recreational (open) spaces and preserve these types of properties as “public properties” should the school district ever sell them.

4. Bertha Senior Housing Project:  Rob Prach described the naming contest in process and the desire to avoid the overused Bertha name. Bill Wilson briefly reviewed the project design and indicated that updates to the design would be available for the February 2006 meeting. He indicated that the project would be about 11 months in the design and permits phase, with start of construction around late 2006. Duane indicated that he would be attending the City’s 1:30 pm Pre-Application meeting on 12/14/05. There is about 2,200 sq. ft. of community area and about 2,000 sq. ft. of commercial space within the project.

5. Mail Box Theft:  Bill Joseph indicated that Mail Box Solutions had locking mail boxes for around $300.00 each. Several people in the neighborhood have been victims of mail box theft over the last couple of years.

6. SWHRL – Hillsdale Boundary Progress:  Don stated that the open house for neighbors in the overlap area to discuss the issue was scheduled for 12/12/05 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church at 3228 SW Sunset Blvd. Bill Joseph stated that about 1,400 surveys had been sent out/delivered to overlay residents.

7.  Land Use – Hillsdale Renaissance:  Duane Hunting briefly indicated that John Gould and he were planning to meet with the Hillsdale Business and Professional group to further discuss options for improvements within the Hillsdale Town Center. There was also some discussion on the Chinese Restaurant renovation, the parking/loading dock area of Wild Oats (possible move out), vacant gas station, and “nails” in the parking lots..

8. Outreach (Meghan MacKenzie):  No report this month.

9. SWNI Report:  Glenn Bridger indicated that there was a “school committee” created, and the Robert Liberty & City folks were reviewing the framework for improving Barbur Blvd. with an on ramp to I-5 (ODOT, PDOT, METRO, etc.).

10. Hillsdale Plaza Grant Approved:  Don stated that the grant application had been approved.
11. Hillsdale Ivy Removal:  Don stated that more information would be available in January about several acres of ivy removal.

12: HNA Board Member Change:  Don announced that Robert Hamilton replaces Brigid on the Board.

Adjourned: 9:10 pm
Duane hunting, Vice President

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