General Meeting
December, 2003

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting
December,  2003

Thursday, 7:00 PM December 3rd, 2003 

Meeting started at 7:00 pm.

Review of Minutes: Minutes were passed out but no approved.  After Susan’s presentation regarding Future Initiatives/Plans for the HNA, Brigid made a motion to approve the minutes.  Glenn seconded the motion and all approved the minutes.

Funding for HNA:  Brief discussion of necessity for fundraiser the future.

School Boundary Task Force: Update by two Hillsdale residents. Two proposals by the Westside School Boundary Task Force were presented to the District: 1) change boundaries of high schools; 2) control enrollment by limiting number of students into Lincoln.  The new closure policy is in place.   Presenters stated that they think that the District should very carefully analyze problem before they decide what schools should be closed.  There are a variety of potential factors affecting declining enrollment, including changes in population and/or population decline, parents choosing private schools, etc.  In addition, the presenters believe that more analysis needs to be undertaken regarding the role of community-based programs in community schools.  What kind of usage of underutilized buildings is appropriate?

Mike Miller made a motion as follows: The HNA draft a letter to the School District with the following:

The Hillsdale Neighborhood Association urges Portland Public Schools to consider closing an elementary school in the Wilson Cluster only as a last resort.  Before closing any schools the School District should consider the outcome of the various pending reviews and restructurings currently underway, including any school attendance boundary changes, and consider a full analysis of the reasons for the declining enrollment and other methods of addressing those declines.

Rick Seifert seconded the motion.  Glenn proposed an amendment to the motion to add the criteria of academic achievement to the list of criterion that would be used to analyze closure options. Duane seconded the amendment.  All approved the amendment.

All approved the motion with the amendment.

Hillsdale Votes Intiative: Rick Seifert provided an update on the Hillsdale Votes/Hillsdale Neighborhood Alliance initiative.  Rick made a motion that the HNA endorse the Hillsdale Votes/Hillsdale Neighborhood Alliance project.  Richard G. seconded the motion. All approved.

Future Initiatives/Plans for the HNA:  Susan made a presentation regarding ideas for long range planning for the Hillsdale Neighborhood.  Numerous ideas were discussed:  How to be proactive?  Is there a potential community service project that the HNA could get involved in? What is still to be done that was identified in the Hillsdale Town Center Plan?  The Hillsdale Neighborhood Alliance and Business and Professional Association needs to be involved, as a group of “stakeholders” needs to be as large as possible.  Susan requested that people convey ideas to her via the web site.

Bertha Court Update:  Bertha Court is now complete.  Don made a motion to write a letter of thanks to PDOT re Bertha Court.  Glenn seconded and all approved.

Friends of the Trees: The Friends need to raise $125 per tree to plant trees at Wilson High School.

Stephen’s Creek Park Plan:  No new info.

Wilson Pool:  City staff is considering name alternatives

Barbur Shops:  John Gould recommended that we send a letter to the developer of the Barbur Shops congratulating him on the quality of this development and proposing a community celebration one day in the spring.  All agreed.

Bertha Triangle: Rob Prasch of Home Development Center/Community Partners for Alternative Housing made a presentation re the plans to develop the Bertha Triangle into housing.  He stated that ODOT is now undertaking a 30 day process getting ready to sell the site, as there is no risk of future contamination.

Hillsdale Park Dog Off Lease Area:  John Gould lead a discussion of the current status.  City of Portland Parks Department plan for off-lease hours at the park (which has been implemented) fails to address the health and safety concerns in Hillsdale Park.  John made a presentation (with handout) suggesting a number of areas where the HNA could come up with its own plan for an OLA at the Park.

Brigid made a motion to send a letter to Pam Brown (at PPS): 1) requesting that PPS send a letter to the Park Department requesting them to install trash cans and collect the waste in the cans on a regular basis and 2) stating that the HNA will work with PPS on location of the signage.

Glenn seconded the motion and all approved.

John Gould made a motion to set up a Hillsdale Advisory Committee to look at the longer-term issues relating to the use of Hillsdale Park for off-leash activities. Glenn seconded the motion and all approved with the exception of Keturah, who opposed the motion.  It was agreed that Don would collect names of people who are interested in serving on this Committee.

The meeting adjourned at 9:10.

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