General Meeting
December, 2002

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting 
December,  2002

December 4, 2002

The meeting was called to order by Vice-President Don Baack at 7:00.  The agenda was read and approved.  The minutes of the last meeting were corrected by the reminder that John Gould had requested sidewalks on 18th as well as on Sunset and Dosch.  The minutes were approved as corrected. 

Paul and Elizabeth Clock presented an extremely interesting slide program detailing the history of the old railroad that ran to Tillamook in the early part of the 20th century.  Paul has written a book on the subject and both hardback and paperback copies were available for sale after the meeting.  The slide presentation included many old photos that were not included in the book. 

Joanna Guzzetta, Louis Wardruff and Chung Wan discussed the issues affecting the driveway off Bertha Ct. into the pizza place.  At first it was planned that the driveway would be closed when the improvements to Bertha Ct. were made, but it turns out that there are no real reasons to do so. 

There are three ways to get a driveway closed  1) if the owner requests it; 2) if the design doesnít meet code: or 3) if it is unsafe.  The lawyers of the absentee landlady have been contacted and so far they see no reason to request closing the driveway.  The design does meet code.  The grade is ADA acceptable.  Investigation has revealed no reported collisions at the site in the past 10 years, so it is deemed safe. 

Without good reason, the Portland Office of Transportation will not close a driveway.  Discussion of what the local business owners and the neighbors think, revealed lack of agreement about the most desirable disposition of the driveway.  But it is clear that if it is to be closed, the initiative will have to come from the owners and the neighborhood.  The City is in contact with the ownerís lawyers and Don asked that the HNA be given copies of all correspondence with them. Ms Guzzetta agreed. 

It was moved and seconded that HNA support closure of the driveway. It was agreed that  someone from HNA or HBPA should talk to the Braidwoods and to the ownerís local lawyers and explain what the concerns are. 

The detour that will be required for trucks during the construction of the improvements on Bertha Ct. was discussed.  Large trucks canít come up Bertha and make the left turn at Beaverton Hillsdale Highway to get to Hillsdale.  Nor can they reasonably go west on Vermont and come down 30th.  Itís too steep.  They can, however, take Bertha, turn left at Beaverton Hillsdale Highway, go up 30th, turn left on Vermont, and come into Hilldsale on Capitol Highway, though that is a long detour.  Autos can, of course, make the right turn off Bertha onto Beaverton Hillsdale Highway. 

It is possible to keep Bertha Ct. open during construction, but that will cause the construction to take a lot longer and a detour and road closure seems a more desirable alternative.  A detour through Reike School was suggested.  Don said that would have a negative impact on Burlingame. 

Don reported on the Safe Routes to School meeting.  The state gave $2,000 grants to 5 schools to use to promote safe walking and cycling routes to school as a trial program.  We are a sedentary society and walking or cycling would have health benefits as will as safe fossil fuel, reduce pollution, and reduce traffic congestion.  Robert Gray was one of the schools to receive a grant.  SWNI wants to address the issue in the entire Southwest, through the SWTrails Committee.  At their last meeting SWTrails voted to invite schools to agree to participate by providing parents/teachers/students who will work with SWTrails to create and maintain safe pedestrian paths, lobby for easements across private property, put up signs, and do other things necessary to create safe routes.  The SWTrails Committee thinks it can work with up to 5 schools each year and will take on the projects on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Mary Kimball from Americorp showed some attractive and colorful posters that she will post on the kiosk at Stevens Creek Park, showing before and after shots.  She is working with Community Watershed Stewardship Program to do projects that the neighborhood feels will improve the park.  Suggestions included: a bridge over Stevens Creek, nothing fancy, maybe a sort of board walk; garbage pickup;  a master plan for the park; a sign to make crossing Bertha safer.  You may contact Mary with other suggestions or offers to help at maryk@bes.ci.portland.or.us.

Glen Bridger reported on the meeting with Hillsdale Heights residents about the proposed development in the triangle.  At the moment there is a problem about lifting the CC&Rís on the properties proposed for development.  Until there is a meeting of the minds between the developer and the owners, no development can occur.  HNA is trying to facilitate a forum for discussion. 

The Dog Off Leash Area committee presented its report to the SWNI board at their last meeting.  The board approved the report.  The report recommends a new OLA in Hillsdale Park.  At the SWNI meeting Glen moved that SWNI send a letter to Parks Bureau opposing any development in any park in the SWNI area until a Master Plan for that park had been completed.  The motion passed.  Don will try to meet with someone from Parks in January and ask for 1) Hillsdale Park to be put on the Master Plan list; 2) a garbage can to be put at Hillsdale Park now, since the publicity surrounding the OLA committee report has increased the use of Hillsdale Park by dogs and their owners; and 3) an immediate test of the water in Fanno Creek below where the run-off from the proposed OLA will enter the creek, to get a baseline for comparison.  Someone asked if CSPOT could be present at that meeting.  Don suggested that they set up their own meeting with Parks. 

John Gould asked for sidewalks on Sunset, 18th, and Dosch Road. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:57. 

Keturah Pennington, secretary

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