General Meeting
December, 2000

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting
December 6, 2000

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 by President Eamon Molloy.  The agenda was approved and introductions were made.  The minutes from the last meeting will be presented at the next meeting.

John Palumbo presented drawings of the row houses  that he proposes to build at 19th and Nebraska. They are similar to the homes he presented to the last Hillsdale Neighborhood Association  meeting but slightly smaller.  Don Baack moved and Rick Seifert seconded  that we commend them on an attractive project and ask that they minimize driveways, maximize trees, and minimize concrete.  Sam Sadler offered a friendly amendment that we want sidewalks, not mud paths, and do not want concrete minimized to exclude sidewalks.  Amendment accepted.  Motion passed unanimously. 

Bob Baldwin gave us a brief history of the South West Community Plan, pointed out that Hillsdale is way ahead of the game with our Town Center already approved and brought us up to date on the current work of the Task Force.  There are two main points of discussion: 1) What parts of Barbur frontage property should be excluded from consideration now; and 2) What should be in the draft of the desired character statement for mixed use areas in the neighborhood? Re: 1) Bob Baldwin moved and Don Baack seconded that all properties shown as commercial on the zoning map and all properties on the south side of Barbur in the Hillsdale Neighborhood be excluded, plus the multi-family housing property behind Barbur Rental. Motion passed unanimously.  Bob Baldwin moved and Rick Seifert seconded that  we use the seven statements in the Hillsdale Plan as out desired character statement.  Motion passed unanimously. 

Rick Seifert and Don Baack had both made maps showing proposals for improvements that might be made with the approximately $400,000 federal funds to be used for transportation improvements.  These funds must be spent within the Town Center.  Dan Jones and Greg Layton said there is also about $234,000 available from the City Systems Development Fund that can be used as matching funds, and reminded us that about $20,000 of it has been spent on work at the proposed library site on Bertha Court, (which has now been abandoned).  The more the proposals for spending the remaining money is oriented toward the  current proposed library site the easier it will be to justify the project.  All of the proposals presented would  facilitate pedestrian access to the new library.  Greg said that if we would chose one or a few projects he would see about getting cost analyses for them.  After much discussion a decision was made to ask for four projects, with the understanding that probably there would be money for only one or two right away.   The  four were (not necessarily in order of priority):  1) a sidewalk on the south side of Capitol Highway from Burlingame Ave to Terwilliger;  2) a sidewalk along Bertha Court;  3) A sidewalk along Sunset from where the sidewalk ends across from the library to 19th; and  4) a bridge across the creek in Stevens Creek Park.  A letter requesting cost analyses for these projects will be written. 

Rick Seifert reported that the signcap project came in well under budget.  He said  we might have to return some money.  But it was suggested that we should wait and perhaps use the money to make signcaps for the expanded Town Center, should it come to pass. 

Rick Seifert was commented for his efforts in successfully bringing the Town Center about. 

A draft of proposed by-law changes was distributed.  After a lot of discussion about wording of the requirement for meeting notice Bob Baldwin moved that the by-laws state that notice of emergency meetings be given at least 24 hours in advance.  Wes Risher seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.    After some discussion of the duties of the treasurer and the need, or lack of it, for some sort of review of the books, Don Baack moved and Wes seconded that we add, under duties of the President,  in section 11a, The President shall convene an annual review of the Neighborhood books by a review committee.  Motion passed with 9 ayes, 1 nay, and 2 abstentions. 

Our treasurer has moved out of the neighborhood and we need a new one.  Any nominations? 

The Wallgreen Drug Store project has been revived.  A representative will be at our January meeting. 

There has been no notice from the City about Salvadore Molly’s. 

Glen Bridger wrote a letter about the Portland Bible Church sign, but there has been no action.

The space between Natures and the bakery can be a sloping walkway, does not need to be stairs.  If the passageway is covered by a translucent roof it can be a pleasant route and not feel like a tunnel. 

Work has started on the pedestrian path under the Terwilliger bridge.

Meeting adjourned at 9:18.

Keturah Pennington, December secretary 

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