National Nite Out, 2004
Current Events:
May 20, 2004 - Pedestrian Crossing Enforcement
"Stop and Stay Stopped"
The intersection of SE 46th and Belmont has troubled the elderly (and not so elderly) who use the SE Intercultural Center located on the south side of this T-intersection.  For years, many motorists have flouted the law that gives the right of way to pedestrians even when no crosswalk is painted--at an intersection, the paint is implied.  Elders in Action, the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition, and Southeast District Senior Advisory Council/Portland Impact have sought help from the city, and the city  responded through Portland Office of Transportation and the Police Bureau.  Large, clear, bright warning signs were set up on both approaches to the intersection, and a trained careful crosser made sure that only the flagrant flouters would see the flashing red and blue lights in their rearview mirrors. 
"It's about raising driver awareness of pedestrian vulnerability," says Portland City Traffic Engineer Rob Burchfield.  Half of all vehicle-pedestrian crashes occur at an intersection or cross walk.  Burchfield says there are numerous intersections throughout the city that are not marked as pedestrian crossings but are still important crossings for pedestrians and have high use.  Says Burchfield, "It is important for motorists to stop when they see a pedestrian in any of these unmarked crossings as well as the marked ones.
When a pedestrian steps into the street to cross at the intersection, a motorist must stop and stay stopped until the pedestrian is past the next 
lane--vehichle lane, bike lane or parking lane.  This motorist had a clear view of the pedestrian from a distance as he drove toward the pedestrian but did not stop...
...and the pedestrian was forced to step back to avoid a dangerous encounter.
Although there were a few unhappy motorists, there were many, many more relieved and hopeful citizens who were watching from the windows and doorways of the Southeast Multicultural Center. 

Perhaps those who know and understand this law can help those who don't.  Spread the word!  Help the flouters or those who are ignorant of the law . . . or don't care.  It's for public safety. 

Several decades ago in Los Angeles, a pedestrian would reliably stop traffic simply by stepping off the curb at a crosswalk not controlled by a traffic light.  The farther north that pedestrian stepped off a curb, the less likely the traffic would stop.  Why shouldn't Oregon today be as pedestrian-friendly as was Southern California in the 50's and 60's

The above pictures are frames from a videotape 
project for the Block Captain Steering Committee.
SWNI Crime 
Prevention/Public Safety Problem-solving Committee
Tuesday 03/23/04
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Multnomah Center 
7688 SW Capitol Highway
in the Hamilton Room of the Senior Center
Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that meth makers are just following recipes.  They don't understand  the chemistry, and they are using large quantities of some very dangerous materials: perhaps phosphorus, and perhaps ether or other volatile flamables. 

Look for evidence of large quantities of, especially cold remedies: Sudafed is a starting material.  The phosphorus may come from huge quantities of match heads.  Iodine might be concentrated from many bottles of the tincture.  Odd chemical odors could be a giveaway.

We will have a special guest speaker on the problem of methamphetamine and meth labs. Sgt. Eric Schober will speak for the first hour of the meeting. Everyone, not just committee members, is welcome and encouraged to attend! Methamphetamine is a problem in Southwest Portland, and contributes to other crime problems here as well.
Stephanie Reynolds, 
SW Crime Prevention Program Coordinator 

Free training for the public
Identity Theft
Identity theft is a rapidly-growing crime all over Portland. 
Victims of identity theft may spend months or even years clearing their name and credit rating.  Prevention is the key.

Come find out how to protect yourself!

Presenter: Preston Wong, City of Portland crime prevention program coordinator and retired Portland Police officer

Stephanie Reynolds

introducing Preston Wong

Identity Theft -- ORS 165.896

A person commits the crime of identity theft if the person:

With the intent to deceive or defraud

Obtains, possesses, transfers, creates, utters, or converts  to the person's own use

The personal identification of another person.

Identity theft is a Class C Felony


Protect your credit card numbers.
Shred everything with personal info.
Protect yourself against mail theft.
Check credit card statements.
Check with credit reporting agencies.
Limit the number of cards.

To a packed house:
Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Portland Fire Station 12
8645 NE Sandy

Bus line: 12 Sandy Blvd
Parking available in the small lot behind the building and on the street.
Building is wheelchair-accessible.
This talk was videotaped for the Block Captain Steering Committee

Have a block party 
on Sunday, May 30th
...and join in the fun of setting a record for most block parties ever in one city! In celebration of 30 years of Neighborhood Association history, many neighborhoods across the city will hold block parties on a scale never seen before-anywhere. As part of Portland's fourth annual Village Building Convergence (VBC4), this event will be an excellent way to bring neighbors together in the community commons as we use together one of the most important community-building tools that Neighborhood Associations help provide- the block party!

The block party application process is easy, and there will be a lot of them for the Guinness World Record people to count! For this effort The City Repair Project will be providing extra support and information packets so that everything happens 
smoothly. The packets will include block party permit forms, tips for a successful block party event, and a listing of related events and resources. 

This is an Official 30 Years of Neighborhood Associations Celebration Event!

For more information, contact Tineke Bradshaw at or (503) 230-1293

Mark Lakeman,

Village Building Convergence 2004
City Repair Project

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