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CNNís First Joint Land-Use & Transportation Committee is
Up and Running!

By Sandra Lefrancois

The first joint Land-Use and Transportation Committee meeting occurred on April 7th after the Bureau of Planning presentation on the District Liaison Program at CNN. Four out of seven neighborhood reps participated and discussed the benefits of combining Land-Use and Transportation opportunities. One of the major roles expressed by the committee is to share ideas and support neighborhoods to overcome barriers of meeting various land-use and transportation needs. Such topics include implementation of traffic calming devices, the designation and maintenance of common green space, a shared vision for improving commercial streetscapes & traffic flow and the impact of new design on surrounding neighborhood. Other objectives voiced by Steven Eggleston, Land-Use Chair of Roseway, involve getting up to speed on current Land-Use regulations, codes and other practices. One of the key benefits of working together is to strengthen the relationship between local residents and agencies in order to guide change at the local level.