Obvious yet Unobserved

Many obvious truths go unnoticed until someone finds an appropriate new way to look at them.

Here is a strange meteorological fact that is there for everyone to see in the daily TV reports.  Not until we see it graphed, however, does the temperature cliff  become truly obvious. 

Much of the astounding advance in scientific knowledge during the past several centuries has occurred because someone thought of some new way of looking.  But the new concepts seen through the new ways of looking have, more often than not, not been as easy to see as that cliff in the plot of record low temperatures.  The new ways of looking are more subtle.  The prescientific misconception, the "missed concept," persistently and pervasively remains.

And so . . . 

  • Mathematics and physics remain perpetually obscure.
  • The simplest math and physics is often the most difficult.
  • The misperceptions, misunderstandings, and pseudoscience which have been replaced by science remains almost as widespread as it was centuries ago.
  • Things are often not what they seem.
  • Science is looking past the edges of (easy) human comprehension.

of human comprehension.
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