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correct the street and trail maps of the Portland area. 
Portland (SW) Pedestrian Paths and Biking Lanes

We will post maps corrected to show new streets and eliminate streets shown that are not there, and then augmented to show the trails, stairs, foot paths, etc suitable for pedestrian and bicycle use.  The original bases for the maps we use are USGS topographical maps.  Older Oregon Department of Transportation maps have been very useful, but newer one are less so because their use of color results in confusing map symbols and very large image files that are not well-suited for Web use. (Nevertheless, anyone wanting good street maps of Oregon cities should check out ODOT's Web site.)

We have, over the past thirty-four years, searched out these routes over most of Portland, but especially in the West hills and surrounding communities west of the Willamette River.

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Map of SOUTHWEST NEIGHBORHOODSwith links to Neighborhood Associations
(Portland, Oregon)

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Woods Park Map
Making the Forest Park Map